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Allow anyone (developers) to make apps for Xbox One

It's been proven time an time again now that the app ecosystem of a platform makes or breaks it.

While the Xbox One has games going for it and that won't be a problem, I think the app ecosystem is very underdeveloped and underwhelming. Surprisingly, even the big names fail to make usable apps in many cases (take the YouTube app, for example).

I'm convinced that many app developers (including myself, of course) would jump on the occasion to make apps for the Xbox One if its app API was made public. My main field of interest is developing apps for Apple devices, so I think that says a lot!

Opening the API to third-party developers could also encourage people to learn Microsoft's proprietary modern API (metro-style interfaces, etc.), which could translate into more Windows metro apps in the long term. Even better if Xbox One / Windows 8 apps are universal and work across both platforms.

As for apps independent developers could make, the possibilities are almost limitless:

- Apps to create and tweak gamerpics.
- Apps feeding on the achievements data and more as exposed by the potential Xbox One app API.
- Messaging (chatting with people on other services to plan a game, send them an SMS, etc.)
- Weather (check the forecast in the morning before going out for the day)
- News & RSS (think reading / viewing the daily news or reading your favorite RSS feeds on the TV in newspaper form while eating breakfast or after your workday)
- Offering alternatives to bad apps (like YouTube)
- Instagram, Facebook and other social services (most services offer a public API so anyone can make an app that connects to those if the company doesn't make an official app)
- Cloud storage services (allowing uploading game DVR clips to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Even Apple integrates competitors' storage services now! (see iOS 8's document picker)
- Apps for websites (a better way to view those sites' content, just like on mobile)
- Daily forecast (an overview of the day; events, weather, reminders, etc.)
- ...

All in all, I think it would be a boon to everyone and the platform as a whole.

Please, please make it happen! :)

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  • Henriquemcc commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think would be good Microsoft allowed anyone to create apps to xbox like Microsoft do with Windows.

  • dutchsoldier198 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    just wanted to post this

    im an developer and i want to help making xbox 1 much beter and i bet much developers want to help as well to make xbox one more awesome the update and new features and addons will be made much faster by the community

  • GreatGameGuru commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The problem is, opening up the API makes it cannon fodder for those fools that think that now they have an SDK, that they are "real developers". You only have to look at the Android marketplace, or the 360 Indie games to see the consequences. Yes there are competent developers who could offer decent apps, but there is a flip-side to every coin.

    I think developers should be under a tight leash and have to go through thorough certification before anything they write is allowed near the console. That takes time, and it is time that could be better spent more productively. Microsoft needs to keep a better grip on the marketplace this time round, so I hope they keep a firm grip on anything that integrates into their system.

  • R2K SpitFire commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I believe this is their plan with the upcoming windows 10. I believe they will integrate the app ecosystem across the platforms as windows 10 will make it's way to the xbox one much like it's running a version of windows 8 at it's core. In fact I remember reading something that said with windows 10 this was their plan to make it one app ecosystem across mobile, pc, and xbox one with win 10. As it stands right now if you have an idea for a app you can approach them with the ID@Xbox program much like the plex app has done to make it's way to the console. Also this may happen when they allow any xbox one to be a dev console.

  • YunZhaelor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Allowing everyone to make apps just like on Windows phone store or Windows 8 store would be great !!!

  • BoilingBore3597 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In order for xbox one to be better than PlayShit 4. the features needs to be better and there needs to be something that makes the A customer choose xbox one over PS4. One really good thing the xbox team could do is make It much more easier for developers to make apps for xbox one, don't make the develop require a ID@xboxone or anything.. just let the developer download the kit. start developing with the latest version of visual studio, it has to be like windows and windows phone... this will give a huge reason for the user.. just think about it.. the moment you do that, big entertainment companies like Spotify, hulu, amazon, etc then comes in the small companies and devs... big publishers like gameloft, halfbrick, EA, etc could bring their good famous games on mobile to xbox, then the small developers and studios could also bring amazing games to the platform.. overall there isn't a better idea

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