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DLNA OneGuide integration

Your DLNA movies/TV shows show up in Xbox one OneGuide, so you can access your network content super quick

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  • Scoob101 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    DLNA is very niche, and in the grand scheme of things very few use it.

    What would be more realistic is for Microsoft to improve the existing media app so that its actually usable for content streamed over DLNA - in its current form its close to useless.

  • Kleesman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The entire concept of HDMI pass through with an IR blaster is terribly last decade tech. Microsoft put a lot of effort for cable card integration with media center and then just like forgot that even happened. Cable card or DLNA integration into the one guide just makes sense. Detect my DLNA channels or however you want to support cable cards and let me pair it to a channel guide channel as its primary source.

  • Ancient Weapon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    When viewing information pages for items in the OneGuide, DLNA Servers should appear among 'Providers' for Movies and TV Shows when locally discovered containing applicable content.

    This discovery could be achieved in advancing the Xbox Media Player's DLNA Server and Metadata retrieval capabilities (pulling that information into the OneGuide accordingly) and/or locally accessing the PLEX app's DLNA/Metadata Content via the integrated Bing Search and OneGuide working in tandem.

  • Ancient Weapon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My idea, what was exactly this, was merged into others and marked COMPLETED. However, it was not since this never came to fruition.

    Reposting the original vision here as a comment and adding my vote:

    Request to have the One Guide given complete access to DLNA Movie/TV content on local servers.

    Being that the 'intent' appears to be that the Xbox team wants us to see all our sources of video (Movies & TV Shows) converging into one spot (The One Guide), we should also see our Media server's offerings here as well 'in all their Meta-Data glory'!

    The Xbox should use the One Guide to scan/view into DLNA servers (Reading Meta-Data) and know what content is available and it should lead to being able to play the movies/TV Shows via the Xbox Video app and to being able to browse/search through that content in the Video app.

    So if, for example I'm watching a movie like Ang Lee's 'The Hulk' on TV, and I go to view its information and see where else I might be able to watch the movie, the One Guide should know the movie is present on my home media server(s) (if such is the case), offering it as an option to play.

    There should be no need to navigate into the servers, the Xbox One Guide should simply already be in the server(s) seamlessly accessing all video data being broadcasted from the device(s)

    DLNA servers, such as Plex or PlayOn should also show up as Channels in the One Guide. This being that the OneGuide would have the ability to Scan DLNA servers we would see the DLNA channels as Plex with its icon and/or PlayOn, likewise showing up with its icon [IMG]

    Clicking on the servers would bring you to a screen showing you what's playing, perhaps borrowing from the server's New Releases/Recently added data.

    Something like this:

    The One should be so capable of seeing and presenting this DLNA Servers and there Metadata that it is seen as an evolution to what the 360 did with its DLNA support.

    The 360 can obviously see DLNA Meta Data but cannot present it completely.

    I believe the One should be that device which is capable of presenting that Meta Data completely. This includes cover/poster art, complete Movie/TV information, again, presented in similar manner to what we currently see with VUDU, Xbox Video, Amazon and others...

    The Xbox One should be so capable of scanning local DLNA servers, that Bing searches will even peer into the information they broadcast and include what it finds in search results. Similar to how Windows 8.1's Smart Search includes all items on a PC with items found on the net via Bing.

    So if we say something like "Xbox Bing - "Big Trouble" and the server(s) contain Movies or TV Shows with the words 'Big' and/or 'Trouble' or even the combination of the two 'Big Trouble', then the search results should include those along with anything it finds on Live services as well.

  • jdelcue commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Tip of the iceberg really...

    The goal should be to fully integrate (1) live OTA TV channels via USB TV Tuner+Antenna setup, (2) add channels to THAT SAME OneGuide EPG that accesses/previews common SUBSCRIPTION APPS such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. (with the previews customizable to your "My Lists", "Favorites", etc. equivalent within each app) -- (3) but also with the ability to add that same style of 'channel' to the OneGuide EPG (with previews; content-provider driven is fine, the same way that App Channels is done now, pretty much), from NETWORK APPS like ABC, NBC, TBS, TNT, Fox, FXX, etc., then (4) option to create channels out of your DLNA Movies/TV library on your (at the very least) Windows PCs/wi-fi connected external storage devices (with the same 'App Channel'-style previews would be nice, since all that is available open-source; a few random small 'DVD covers' on display, just however many fit across the screen in the channel bar, that sort of thing).

    ...and, to top it off, (5) maintain simultaneous support for the HDMI IN as another pass-through (with the option to add it as a single channel on the same OneGuide EPG /OR/ maintain it as a separate input, unrelated to the EPG and it's other contents).

    Basically, make that OneGuide EPG so customizable and integrated that it becomes a true one-stop (family/wife-friendly) shop for ALL your free & paid content.


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