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This site is the most effective place to share your feature requests and ideas for improving Xbox products and services. The feature teams working on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox on Windows and Xbox Live regularly review the ideas and incorporate them into future product planning discussions and prioritization meetings.

We are committed to delivering upon your ideas that are directly actionable. Of course, your great ideas do take time to design, develop, test, and deploy to Xbox, but we'll be sure to update entries when we announce or release a suggestion. We will mark things “In Progress” when we have good line of sight that an idea will be delivered in the coming months.  And, as items are released to everyone, we will mark them as “Completed.”

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Xbox Feedback 2015 Year in Review

2015 was another great year for Xbox thanks to your continued passion for and dedication to improving the Xbox gaming experience by posting ideas and casting votes on Feedback each and every day. While the Feedback team looks forward to reviewing and implementing even more of your great ideas throughout the coming months, now seems like as good a time as ever to reflect on the suggestions the Xbox Community helped put into motion this year.

Thanks to a total of 653,517 active users posting and voting on feedback in 2015, we delivered over 200 requested features across a wide range of categories. Read more...

Your Ideas in Action

For additional Xbox news, please visit Xbox Wire and  Additionally, you can get a video summary of key monthly updates on Xbox One under Help > What’s new this month.

In-Progress Items

This site allows you to suggest a new feature, enhancements to an existing feature, or to vote on ideas that others have submitted.   You can view newly trending ideas (Hot ideas) or view the ideas with the most votes (Top ideas).  To get started, choose the category that best fits your idea from the menu on the right of this page.  Browse existing ideas, vote, and comment.

As you add new ideas, please create discrete requests – 1 idea per post - so that your fellow community members can vote for a specific idea or feature request.  Laundry list postings of ideas, multiple ideas in a single post, are usually deleted to ensure that the site can be appropriately managed.

Thank you for visiting Xbox Feedback and for helping to enhance the Xbox experience!

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